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Universal Laws

I am going to share with you some of the major laws of the Universe. I will try my very best to explain each one to you in simple terms to the best of my knowledge. I might update this page here and there, as I am constantly studying and learning more and more about these wonderful universal laws! So let’s get started!

First up, you guessed it,  The Law of Attraction!


The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a very popular law, and very well known. Arguably the most popular of all Universal Laws. It states that like attracts like. And whatever you think about most, will come to you. In other words, you become what you think about most. Whatever your dominate thoughts are, they will manifest in your life. If think a lot about things you don’t want, or about lack, or sickness, that is what will manifest in your reality. On the other hand if you think about abundance, wealth, health those will manifest in your reality. When you desire to have something, it means you have a urge within you that wants to be expressed. It isn’t wanting something that I am talking about, it is desiring something. There is a difference. You could want a new pair of shoes, or maybe you could go for a ice cream cone. But if you want it, but could care less if it actually happens or not, it isn’t a desire. A desire is something that resides within you, that has great power. I will add that whatever beliefs you have in your subconscious mind, is your average state of vibration. This is where most of us have a hard time creating the reality that we want. We need to change our paradigm. Our beliefs that reside in our subconscious mind. When we create new beliefs of what we want, our natural state of vibration increases. Which allows our desires to be manifested with less resistance. When you want your desire to be manifested you must expect it to come. Expectation is the key to receiving what you want. If you desire more money, but don’t expect it, you’re actually telling the Law of Attraction that you want the same amount. You aren’t in the vibration of more money if you don’t expect it. And the Law of Attraction can only bring to you the things that are a vibrational match to you. So you must expect to receive your desire. Like vibrations attract like vibrations. Which brings me to the next law.


The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is the foundation of the Law of Attraction. Everything has a vibration, and things can only manifest in your reality that are a vibrational match to the state that you are in. If you are in a high vibrational state, especially when it comes to money. When you think about money you think of the abundance of it, how it is unlimited and the good that can come from it, the Law of Attraction will bring you more money. Because your vibrational state is aligned with the vibration of abundance of money! And this goes for any other topic, whether is be relationship or health. The same principle applies.  Read more on the Law of Attraction & Vibration here.


The Law Of Thinking

This law is very, very powerful. Thoughts are omnipresent. They travel everywhere at all times, and are evenly present everywhere at all times. Thoughts can bring a person to great heights, great power. But they can also disintegrate a person to death. As the saying goes ” You become what you think about most”. Thoughts are the cause of our results. If you are not happy with the results that you are getting, I suggest you take a good look and pay attention to how you think. If your thoughts are filled with ” I can’t do that” ” It’s too good to be true”, ” Nothing good ever happens to me” etc. Then you are thinking negatively, and you will be getting negative results. To change your results you need to think differently. The Law Of Thinking is about choosing to think positive and creative thoughts. Thoughts, when focused and penetrated out into the Universe, will always manifest in physical reality. That is the law. So really pay attention to what you are thinking, and choose to think creative, uplifting, constructive, and positive thoughts.


The Law Of Relativity

This law is about perspective. You give your perspective or point of view to everything that comes into your life. The truth is, everything just IS. Nothing is big or small, tall or short, good or bad, until you relate it to something else.

The Law Of Relativity Image

As you can see in the image to the left, there are 3 circles, all different sizes. Circle B is big compared to circle A. But it is small compared to circle C. So which is it? Is circle B big or small? Neither, until you relate it to something else. Pretty cool right? Is your life bad? If you are reading this, I doubt it is. Compare your life to someone who has less, and you will look rich. And I don’t mean to find a real person, just imagine someone who has less than you.




My point with sharing this law, is the fact you can always relate your situation to something much worse, and will always result in you seeing your situation good. If you look at it as a positive, you will start to see more positive changes happen within your life.


The Law Of Polarity

Everything has an opposite. Think about this for a moment, when you go outside, you must have came from the inside. Good and bad, hot and cold, back and front, top and bottom. The list goes on and on. There could never be and inside unless there was an outside, there could never be a top if there wasn’t a bottom. Really think about this. Because when you start understand this, you will see in every apparent “bad” situation, you will be able to see the good. If you are able to see the good in yourself, in everyone you meet, in every circumstance that comes to you, your life will be nothing but good. Filled with all good. An abundance of good!


The Law Of Rhythm

The understanding of this law will help you get through rough patches, that occur naturally. Everything is moving at all times, there is a reaction to every action. What this means that there will be upswings and downswings in your life. This has to happen, for if you did not experience the downswings, you wouldn’t know the good things. You could never tell the difference, there would be nothing to go towards. No excitement, nothing. However you can make the downswings more enjoyable once you understand this law. When you are in a downswing, if you realize what is happening, just choose good feelings thoughts. You will move out of the downswing faster and faster as you increase the focus of your good thoughts. You have the power to control your life remember. Just choose your thoughts, instead of living by default.

universal law

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The Law Of Cause And Effect

I love this law, because it involves focusing on the results that you wish to obtain. Every cause has an effect, there is no room for chance according to this law. It has been proven scientifically as well, that every cause has an effect and vice-verse. It is an never-ending cycle of cause and effect. Focus on causes.  When you focus on causes, the effect will take care of its self.  When you give out positive, you will receive positive. A positive cause means a positive effect. If you want perfect health, focus on, ” I maintain a balanced diet and exercise every day”. Focus on the cause: maintaining a balanced diet and exercise, and the effect: great health, will happen. Use this in all areas of your life, with health, wealth, relationships, business etc. Look around at nature, you will see this law at work everywhere!


The Law Of Gender

There are a few important parts of this law. The Law of Gender states that all things are manifested as masculine and feminine, this is the law that governs manifestation. It says everything in nature is both female and male as both are required for any form of life to live. The main thing I want you to take away from this law, is something that has really opened my eyes, and has given me a sense of ease. The Law of Gender also states that there is a gestation period for all things. From the time the “seed” is planted to the time it is manifested. I used the term seed in a very general sense. It means literally a seed, or an idea, or thought. When you plant a carrot seed into the ground, you must nurture that seed, and give it time to grow. You know there is a given time period that will elapse from the time the seed has planted, to the time the carrot has manifested. The same happens with an idea. When you plant an idea, from your mind to the universal consciousness, there is a gestation period. A period of growth. It will take a given amount of time for that idea to be manifested. The only issue with this, that a lot of us see, is the fact we do not know how long this gestation period will take. But understand this, it will happen at the perfect time for you. It will happen when you are good and ready to have it manifested in your life. Trust and have faith in the Law.


The Law Of Receiving

Learn to love this law, as it is very powerful when used and respected. The Law of Receiving states that you must give before you can receive. If you are religious, this has been stated in almost every religion, and if you are in science, nature has proven this as well. Humans can be blinded when stuck on the idea that we can only give once we have received. And that it totally opposite of the law. And I think it is one reason why the mass population is in the situation they are in today. Some are so focused on getting. When some go into business deals, at the front of their mind are thoughts of ” What can I get out of this deal”. The same goes with relationships. But what we need to be thinking is “What can I give or offer this person”. That is the truth. If you go into every encounter with another human being with the question “What can I give this person”. Hold on to your seat, because your life is going to change! And let me make this quite clear, you do not HAVE to give something in hopes to receive more of the same thing. For example, you do not have to give money to receive more money. It most cases, if you give generously, you will receive increased amounts of the same thing. But what it really means is something in the same vibrational frequency. If you give money generously, yes most likely you will receive an increased amount of money, but it could be in the form of something else as well. If you feel you have no extra money to give, then give kind words. In return you will receive something great! Whether it be praise, money, food or whatever you may be wanting. When you focus on giving, the universe will give you so much in return. That is the law. And as you can see, the Law of Cause and Effect comes into play with this as well!  Read more.


The Law Of Compensation

This law is usually described, and “used” in the world of business and income. I will stick to this as it can be most easily described in this field. The Law of Compensation states that we receive/earn money is the direct ratio to these 3 points. 1. The need for what you do.  2. Your ability to do what you do.  3. The difficulty in replacing you. Bob Proctor has taught me this and has pointed out a great awareness with regards to this law. Focus on point number 2. Your ability to do what you do. Most likely there is a need for what you do. If your in business, you of course have done research to see there is a market for what you do. Naturally we get into business where there are needs to be met. And if your ability to do what you do is great, the chances are, the difficultly of replacing you is going to be great as well. So if you focus on improving your self, and your ability to do whatever it is that you do, you will be rewarded. That is the Law of Compensation.


There are more universal laws that we are governed by. But I choose ones that meant a lot to me and are related to the subject of this site. As my knowledge increases I will be updating this page so please feel free to stop by now and then


Sending Energy Your Way


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