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Secret Of Life

What Is Life? How Do You Make It Work For You?

What is the secret of life?? Life has many mysteries and lots of surprises. A lot of times it seems to be out of your control, and that “stuff just happens” to you. You just stick your head down, and keep on going. Just trying to make it to the other side with as little of scars as possible. But you know what, it doesn’t have to be that way, not one little bit. Do you know what the secret of life is?

Life is in your control, and you can live the life that you always have dreamed of. But it is time to make that wish, your reality. There is a few things I want to talk about, and I want to start with who we are. We are spiritual beings, we are not our bodies. We live in them, they are our hosts for this life experience, but that is all, they are instruments. Basically we are spiritual beings, that have an intellect, that live in a physical body. It is very important that you understand this, when you can fully grasp the fact that you go much deeper than just your body, you can unleash the knowledge within you that will literally change your life. Just understanding that concept means you have unlocked a secret of life!

We are energy, that is constantly moving and vibrating. And as you probably know everything is energy, and energy is never createdsecret of life or destroyed, it just is. It is the cause and effect of itself. So if energy is everything, and it always moving, shifting, changing and is equally present in all areas at all times, then the energy of abundance is flowing to you at all times. There is truly a flow of abundance flowing to you and through you at all times. You have access to it, but it is up to you to receive it. This is where the Law Of Attraction comes in. It is one of many secrets of life!

The Law Of Attraction states that like attracts like, so what ever vibration you are in, you will attract things in that same vibration. The Law Of Attraction is always working, whether you know it or not, it is working every moment of your life. So since it is doing non stop work of bringing events, people, things, ideas, and everything else towards you, why not start deliberately asking, and receive the things you want, that you desire? The Law will brings things towards you anyways so you might as well make use of it right?

The main thing to remember with the Law Of Attraction is to feel good. If you can’t remember to feel good as much as you can throughout the day, then there is much you need to accomplish within yourself, as you are missing a huge part of life. We all come here for a reason, to advance, improve, and for increase. We all have special gifts to give to the world as well, for some people it takes longer to discover the gifts that they bring, but each one of us has something special. This comes to another secret of life, to feel good as much as possible! Huge changes in your life if you follow that rule.

We do have past lives, so for those that do not believe in past lives, fair enough, and I am not here to try and change your faith or what you believe in, I just want you to have an open mind for the next few minutes. As I have mentioned earlier, we are all energy. And if you remember energy can never be created or destroyed, it just IS. So when we die, what do you think happens? I am curious to know. This is what I think happens. Get ready, because I am about to reveal another secret of life! Since we are spirit that has an intellect and that lives in a body, I think our body dies, and that is it. I think us, our spirits, carry on. Because our spirits aren’t our bodies, we only use them has hosts. So we can’t die with our bodies. So we must go somewhere. I believe we carry on. And we decide to come back whenever we are good and ready. To improve from the last to the next life. To move closer in harmony, in vibration to the Source. And do you ever have those moments when you just “know” someone, but you have never met them before (in your current life)? I am sure almost everyone has had that feeling, weird isn’t it, if you only have one life :).

Use your emotions and feelings to guide you through life. If you pay conscious attention to what you are feeling, you can tell where your vibration frequency is at. You can see where you are, and then know where you want to be. The higher the frequency the more feel-good feelings you will be having. If you notice you aren’t feeling that great, and you are having a hard time raising your vibration, there are a couple things you can do. First I would recommend reaching for the best thought you can think of, whether it is a past memory, or a desire. Bring yourself into that thought and really feel it. It should bring happiness to you, and put a smile on your face. If it doesn’t, you need a happier thought. The second thing you can do is give gratitude. Give thanks to all the things you have, whether it is material things, friends, family or whatever it may be. But feel good for having it by giving gratitude. This is a powerful technique to raise your vibration. If you keep paying attention to your emotions, and keep trying to raise your vibration, you will gradually raise your vibration set point. Which means without thinking about it, your vibration will become higher and higher, which means bringing more and more good things into your life.

There is one thing that I really want to mention, but sometimes can take awhile for people to wrap their head around it. I am still trying to fully grasp this concept my self. You have your own subjective world. Your own reality. The people, material things that are in your life, is part of your reality. You have created this. Now I do not mean you create people or spirits. What I mean is you create your reality, so the people that come into your life, are there because you created something that is in the same vibration as them. Think of a mirror. Anything that is goes on in front of mirror is reflected back. Well your mind is the mirror. Whatever you are dominantly thinking about, whatever you are feeling, is reflected back into your physical experience, your reality, your life. This is why you are the creator of your life, and if you don’t like the results, the life you have now, YOU have to be the one to change it. And the changes have to start within you, in your mind. Because you need to change what is being shown in the mirror, so that the results, the life you want can be reflected back into your physical reality.

the secret of lifeThe secret of life isn’t much of a secret at all.  Which is why I think Earl Nightingale wrote the book ” The Strangest Secret“. Because this “secret” has been known throughout all human life. Which is strange that it is still hidden from mass population today. There is no hidden formula, or something that you MUST do. You have your free will, just use it wisely. Do everyday that brings you joy, and do everything to your best ability. Belief if anything, is what I consider to be the secret of life. When you can believe in something, that is so, so powerful. Your belief can allow you to accomplish anything you want. It will vibrate through your whole physical, mental and spiritual being. You can achieve anything you want in this life, if you believe that you can. To me, that is one of the many secrets, and one of the most powerful. Never stop believing in yourself, and achieving your goals. You can accomplish anything that you desire even if other people tell you that you can’t. We all need to stop comparing ourselves to each other. I am guilty of this, we all are, but we can always work to improve it. We are all different, so there is no need to compare ourselves, but instead to rejoice in our differences. When we can move past our ego and see each other for who we truly are, the good inside all of us, we will move to a whole other level of awareness, and love. I guess the secret of life could just be that. To see the good in everyone, and everything, including yourself. If you can accomplish that task, you world will be filled with an abundance of good, and you will only continue to receive good things.
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