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Fix Your Marriage With The Law Of Attraction


Law of Attraction and Marriage

Marriage Hanging On By A Thread, A Thread That Is Getting Thinner Every Minute?

Fix Your Marriage With The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and marriage might seem like they don’t mix. But on the contrary, they mix. And really well at that. And the right knowledge you can fix your marriage with the Law of Attraction. I am going to help you get the knowledge you need, both for the Law of Attraction and marriage problems.

There are many symptoms of a marriage that is on the down swing.

You may feel like:

  • You aren’t loved anymore, or you don’t seem to love your spouse as much
  • Wondering where the romance went
  • That things have just changed, and want to know how to rewind the tape
  • You know have different goals in life than your spouse
  • You are under appreciated for all that you do
  • And the list can go on and on

Do you know what the most common marriage problem is, and can possibly account for all the above symptoms of a hurting marriage? Lack of communication. Communication is the number one reason why couples get a divorce.

So how can we use the Law of Attraction to help fix your marriage?

Well for starters, begin your day with gratitude, and include your spouse in your list of things to be grateful for. By sending law of attraction and marriagethem love and gratitude without actually saying anything can change the direction of the marriage alone. But we also tend to forget to give praise for the things they do well, or try to do well. Say “thank you” to them, let them know how much you love them. So give them praise and gratitude to them directly, and while you are by yourself. The Law of Attraction will send “like” things back to you remember, so by sending love, you will receive love. Simple isn’t it? Too bad it always isn’t just as easy.

You may want to take a look at how you actually feel about your marriage and spouse. Is it a negative feeling, positive feeling? If it is a negative feeling, introduce positive thoughts about your marriage and spouse. This is done by thinking of happy times, what you want to have in the future with this person, and positive affirmations. I know since you are reading this, most likely your feelings aren’t very positive with respect to your marriage. So it wasn’t much of a question was it? :)

You may also want to try some extremely effective marriage courses. The ones that I am suggesting are very cost effective, and have a high success rate. There are 2 really great programs for both men and women, Save My Marriage Today and also Save The Marriage. For a guide specifically for men here is Husbands Guide- The Marriage Savior.

Go here to read some of the marriage program reviews and testimonials.

I know the Law of Attraction and fixing your marriage might seem like they wouldn’t mix. The law doesn’t stop working, it is always working, which is why it can be applied, and used deliberately to create the life you want. Even creating a happy and loving marriage.

If you are wanting to fix your marriage with the Law of Attraction, but feel you and your spouse are going different directions in life, there is still hope for you! But you must communicate with your spouse to find out exactly what each of your goals and plans are. And see if there is anyway that you both can reach your goals yet have a happy, supportive and loving marriage. Somethings might have to be sacrificed, but with sacrifice, which means giving something up of a lower nature for something of a higher nature might be the answer for you. The marriage you want would be the “something” of a high nature.

Has romance left the building? This can be a huge marriage problem, for both of you. I can only recommend Oprah’s love expert, Michael Webb. This guy is a genius. Just take a look at some of his collection!


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