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Can an Ancient Form Of ‘Acupuncture Without Needles’ Help You and Thousands Of People Around The World Attract More Money And Find Emotional Relief From limiting Beliefs about Wealth… Even For Those That Have Struggled For Years?

Imagine for a moment, that it’s 12 months from today…and you have fewer money problems, more money in the bank and seem to attract almost like “magic” money making opportunities….
Seem impossible?

Score: 9/10
Reason: 2 experts, Joe Vitale & Brad Yates. Excellent content. Love the recordings. The flip side of having live recordings, there are some unnecessary dialogue. Overall, loved it, it works.

Well not according to creator Brad Yates as that is the offer that Brad says his product “Money Beyond Belief” can deliver.
Using a system that is eerily similar of the ancient practice of acupuncture which we know has and is widely accepted as an alternative form of medicine throughout the western world today.

My Money Beyond Belief review: I found this to be a great program for EFT and the Law of Attraction. It gives you a recording to follow along with, a recording of a huge webinar or call they put on. I found that aspect of the program to have pros and cons. It was great because you can feel the energy of all the people on the call, it enhances the experience so much more. The con is the fact it is live, so there are no edits, so there are a couple run on bits, that I now just fast forward through. But you have to listen to this recording to find out what I mean about the energy levels…very cool!

I am still practicing EFT, and it is helping me. I feel lighter on the issues I am working on. I am no expert on the subject, and I do not fully know how it works, but it seems to be working for thousands of people all over the world, so I had nothing to lose. And so far, so good!

This method uses a less invasive technique. Instead of needles this uses tapping with your fingers on 9 areas of the body.

And get this:

It can do it apparently in as little as 5 minutes and 49 seconds a day, allowing you to see noticeable results within 365 or even sooner. (It works on deep seated beliefs that have taken years to form so it doesn’t claim to give noticeable results faster, but it doesn’t say that you won’t see them sooner.) I saw results sooner than a year, actually it was even less than a month. But average, you are looking around 30 days at least, depending on the belief and how it was formed.
So what’s the truth behind this seemingly outrageous claim?

Well here is what I discovered

Very similar to Acupuncture. Which requires inserting needles into specific “Energy points” throughout the body to unblock disruptive energy that controls the bodily functions.

Brads Money Beyond Belief System uses “EFT” otherwise known as “Emotional Freedom Techniques”.

brad yates Money Beyond BeliefBrad Yates runs and along with being an internationally known EFT practitioner. He is a best-selling author, speaker and teacher of the law of attraction.

He’s worked with all manner of people from CEOS, NCAA athletes, chiropractors, psychiatrists to corporate and federal attorneys.






So what is the deal with EFT?
EFT has been reported to help numerous areas of people’s lives and was also a featured topic of the popular DVD called “Try it on everything”. It apparently can be used in such areas as:

  • Emotional Trauma
  • Chronic Physical Pain
  • Compulsions and Addictions
  • Not sleeping at night
  • Anxiety
  • Depressions
  • Stress disorders
  • Physical diseases

According to Brad, EFT in a nutshell is:
“Aiming at any emotional or physical problem by customizing it with an appropriate setup affirmation and reminder phrase and being persistent at doing this through tapping on certain areas of the body until the problem has vanished.”
Basically it gets you tapping the body’s energy meridian points to clear, heal or unblock energetic issues that ultimately actualize in your everyday life.

The 9 areas of the body are:
Crown, Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collar bone, Under Arm, Side of Hand.

Disruptions in these energy points can manifest in many ways including physical pain, disease, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
Through a combination of affirmations, phrases and tapping blocked energy points are released which in turn changes your emotional and physical reality.

Here is what Money Beyond Belief offers…

Among the many ways that EFT can apparently be used to heal, “Money Beyond Belief” focuses on the deep rooted beliefs that people like you and I have about money. According to Brad these limiting beliefs are usually formed from an early age through our parents, teachers, community and experiences with money. His system is promised to help in 5 main areas:

  • Heal beliefs about money
  • Attract countless money making opportunities
  • Tune your subconscious mind and eliminate blocks
  • Increase intuition
  • Transform your relationship to money

This is no joke!

Yet obviously it raises an important question.

Who is this product NOT for?

It’s not for everyone, while Brad may say that everyone can benefit, obviously not everyone is going to be attracted to this type of product.

It’s NOT for people who don’t belief in acupuncture: If you can’t get your head around that, you definitely won’t be able to accept this concept.

It’s NOT for people who don’t think that your beliefs can actually effect your physical reality. As this system dives deep in quantum physics and the concept that everything is ENERGY and that money and beliefs are nothing more than 2 aspects of the same ocean of energy and that money manifests according to your internal beliefs.

If you don’t fall into any of the above, then it’s safe to say you might be a likely candidate for testing out Brad Yates Money Beyond Belief system.

And let’s face it… That is really what you would be doing and Brad allows you to do that by offering a complete money back guarantee for up to 8 weeks.

So essentially you could see, listen and try everything for FREE and if within 8 weeks you thought it was total dribble you could get your cash back without a problem.

And yes, it’s very easy to get your money back as he uses click bank for accepting payments. They don’t mess around!

So there really is no risk!

With all that said…

Here is what you will receive…

Everything is downloadable and in MP3 format with the exception of one PDF file. While it appears it would be offered for $197, Brad is currently selling his system for a reasonable price of $49.

You get…

4 Hours of Audio on 5 MP3s and two books (PDF format).
The first 2 are called “Wealth Multipliers” and are 2 seminars that him and Joe Vitale did together.

MBB Wealth Multiplier #1 Limiting Beliefs Healer MP3

This dives into how core limiting beliefs and how they affect people’s struggle with money.
It peels away at the belief that all you need it to be more positive and how by targeting beliefs that you have that you think are bad about money you can release and clear blocks.

MBB Wealth Multiplier #2 The Deserve Reserve Expander MP3

This goes head to head against the proof that you can’t get rich until you know you deserve it. It involves creating a different image of yourself and creating an unshakable confidence.

The final 5 are Bonuses

  1. 55 minutes dealing with anti-abundance beliefs
  2. The 9 point quantum tapping system
  3. Brad Yates book “ Wit and Wisdom on Living a more meaningful and successful life “
  4. A meditation/hypnosis session to guide you towards abundance
  5. Joe Vitales PDF “The seven lost secrets of success” which is out of print and reveals the 7 elements involved in success.


Conclusion of the Money Beyond Belief Review… Without a doubt the method is unorthodox and not widely accepted. Yet if you’re open to new concepts, alternative medicine and quantum physics and you’re willing to try a new form of acupuncture then I think this could provide you with what you have been searching to find and I would say it’s worth checking out!

PLUS you can do it without risk as Brad does give you a money back guarantee for up to 8 weeks.

It has helped me, which is why I am supporting this program.

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