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This is actually the beginning of “The Secret”. Bob Proctor does the introduction, and it just captures you. I think it is one of the best parts of the whole movie. I feel this because it gets you engaged in the movie, but it also has some great insights to the Law Of Attraction that may get overlooked. It is a great video.


This is an Ester Hicks seminar and this man comes to her with his situation. Abraham Hicks comes through with a wonderful explanation of filling in the grid, to get ready to receive what you want. This goes into detail about the receiving aspect of working with the Law.  This video is a must see.


This video shares information about the LOA, but also explains who we are. Which is extremely important to understand how the Law works, and how you work. If this seems unbelievable to you, I ask you to have an open mind and watch through the full video. If you still disbelieve it, that is okay. Try watching it again at a later date where it may sit with you better.


I am sure you all know who Will Smith is. He is a fantastic actor, one of my favourites, and he is real. And there are a couple celebrities out there that have a deeper side to them that they do not show. A side to them where they understand the Laws, and use to them to achieve success. The is an excellent example of that.


This song is awesome! Listen to this over and over again. It will help your relationship with money. It will raise your vibration while you are thinking about money. In many cases people have started to receive more money because they listen to this song everyday. Give it a go.


Here are a few of my personal Law of Attraction videos. The last video is more of an inspiration video, but I still added it because discovering your true self is priceless. It is where the true joy and peace lies. I urge you to discover your true self.

My youtube channel is UniversalLaws101


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