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How To Attract Money

Money and the Law Of Attraction

“These Millionaires Show You The Exact Same Law Of Attraction Strategies They Used To Make Millions  Last Year! Don’t Blink, It’s Right Before Your Eyes”

To learn how to attract money, it is best to learn from people that you admire and are already where you want to be. So the millionaires that I am talking about today, that are going to show you how to attract money are Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale. They are experts when it comes to money AND the Law Of Attraction. They have created seminars, books, courses, coaching programs, you name it. They are dedicated to giving you all the information and strategies you need to learn how to attract money into your life, and keep it coming.

This page, this information that I am about to share is made for especially for you if you can relate to any of the following points:

  • Never seem to have enough moneyhow to attract money
  • When you receive money it quickly disappears
  • No matter how hard you work, each year you never increase your income by much
  • You can never seem to get ahead
  • You want financial freedom, but don’t know how
  • You feel stuck
  • You want to be able to give more, but money is hard to come by

If any single one of those ring true for you, you are on the right path.

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A very probable reason for you not being able to attract money in the amounts that you want in your life at this point, is because of your paradigm that resides in your subconscious. This belief system may consist of limiting and negative beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. You probably are thinking ” Why would I limit myself and stop myself from making a lot of money?” I know, it sounds silly doesn’t it?

But the thing is, you obviously wouldn’t consciously do that to yourself. Which is why I mentioned it is from your subconscious mind. You probably aren’t even aware of the negative beliefs in there! This is why it is so important to become aware, and remove these beliefs and limitations to attract money to you.

If you are wondering how they got there in the first place, it was formed since you were born. Through your parents, siblings, media etc. Anything that you heard or saw became part of your belief system. Only until the age of 6 or 7 were you actually able to choose whether or not you wanted that belief. And even then, sometimes you weren’t aware of  them being harmful to want you want.

But don’t worry, I, and my friends Bob and Joe will help you remove these limitations, so you literally will take the cap of yourhow to attract money ability to attract money. For reprogramming your subconscious with new beliefs that support you and will allow you to attract money much easier, head over to Wealth Trigger and Instant Self Hypnosis. They are the best out there for getting straight into your subconscious mind and making the changes needed. And they also explain how to attract money just by creating a new and powerful belief system/paradigm by providing you example scripts and recordings!

Another probable reason for you not attracting the amounts of money that you want could be due to energy blockages. We are made up of energy, everything is energy. Energy is always flowing to us and through us. So the money that we want, is also energy. We can sometimes get blocks in this energy flow due to again, limitation and beliefs, or emotional trauma of some sort. There is a technique out there called EFT. What this does is removes these blocks, and allows energy to flow more freely and abundantly. It is easy and very effective.

You can’t attract money into your life while these negative beliefs and limitations are there. It is just that simple. If these were not true, you would already have the money you desire.

I want to talk a little bit about the Law of Attraction and help you understand why it is so powerful, how you can apply it in your life today, and know how to attract money continuously. This is one of those things that it is easy and simple to understand. To apply it, it takes persistence and concentration. You want to concentrate ONLY on what you want. You want to know how to attract money, so only focus on receiving more money into your life.

To know how to attract money, is to know how the Law of Attraction works. The Law of Attraction states like attracts like. Which means the thoughts that you think about most, become your reality. Because the vibration that you give the Universe the majority of the time, is exactly what you will receive back. So if you are thinking you have no money, or don’t have enough money, then you will never have enough. The Universe gives you what you think about. However, if you were to change that thought to you always have more than enough money, you will soon start to see that you will have more than enough money for what you want.

How To Attract Money- These systems have NEVER failed to those who have followed them EXACTLY

There is actually science to the Law of Attraction. It isn’t something that was just made up one day. It has always been here, and always will be here. Knowing that there is science to this law, and that you can use this law to attract money. Doesn’t that mean there is a science to attract money and wealth?

I like to think so. Who am I kidding, I know so! Because I have taken this program and seen what it can do. It literally is The Secret Science Of Getting Rich. It is made by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith. They explain EXACTLY what to do, what to think, to become very wealthy and rich. It is probably one of the most direct and simple ways to learn how to attract money. The other program by Bob Proctor that would be beneficial with regards to teaching you how to attract money is The 11 Forgotten Laws.

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3 of the most common mistakes while trying to use the Law of Attraction to attract money are:

  • Not focusing on what you want, you spend most of the time focusing and feeling what you don’t want (usually done unconsciously)
  • Not taking action on opportunities that the law brings you
  • Being too attached to YOUR outcome and idea of how it should happen

Avoid these now that you are aware of them!

the law of attraction moneyThere is a lot to learn about the money and Law of Attraction relationship. How they are connected, how to use one to gain the other etc. If you really want to learn about it you can get right into quantum physics. But we won’t go there! We will just keep it simple for now.

You may or may not have heard of Dr. Robert Anthony. He is a great teacher, and one of the things he taught me is about having a request box. This is one of the most powerful tools I have seen. Basically you set up a box and put requests in. Now this box is how you will be communicating to your Higher Self, or as Dr. Robert Anthony says you ESP. You write on a piece of paper you request, thank your Higher Self for fulfilling the request and leave it there until it manifests into your life. It could be anything, but if you are wanting to attract more money, then use it for that! Here is an example of a letter of request

“Dear Higher Self (ESP),

I request to receive 10,000 dollars this month. In whatever way, source is easiest and in alignment with my goals and truths. This or something better. I thank you in advance for fulfilling this request.

Love (your name)”

You can use this for cars, boats, opportunities, money, jobs, you name it!

You can learn more about this and Dr. Robert Anthony here.

Would you not enjoy life more if:

  • You could travel anywhere, anytime
  • Buy or build any house you wanted
  • Work for pure please
  • Give on a bigger level than you ever thought possible
  • Take your spouse to the nicest possible restaurant, and give a tip that could make the waitress/waiter cry or scream in joy
  • Have total time freedom
  • Be totally financially free- meaning that if you never worked again, you still would be rich or at least live comfortably

This is all possible. You are given this choice everyday. Make the changes necessary, or keep on doing what your doing. You decide.

Those are some of the ways that you can learn how to attract money into your life. There are other ways, find what suits you. But these work. And work really well. No point re-inventing the wheel. You got some powerful programs and information in your hands to bring a lot of money into your life. For reviews on these programs that I have mentioned, view the Law of Attraction courses reviews page.


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If you know what you want, which is to start attracting more money into your life….I won’t take anymore of your time. Here you go!

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Sending Energy Your Way,




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