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Your Self-Image Makeover


What Is Self-Image?


Do you know that you were not born with a self-image. You really didn’t. As you grew up, people told you what you were, and how life worked. Therefore, creating your self-image. So what is self-image? Self-image is the thought, idea, or image that you hold of yourself in your sub-conscious mind. You may be consciously aware of somethings that you think about yourself, and others that you may not be aware of. But you do hold an image of yourself that dictates your actions, and the results that you are getting in your life experience.

Your self-image acts as a cybernetic mechanism. It keeps you on track, and controls your direction in life. A cybernetic mechanism is like a jet’s auto-pilot. Our cybernetic mechanism is our self-image. So unless you change your self-image, your results may vary, but will come back to the old results, unless you change this image of yourself. For example let’s use a person who wants to lose weight, since this is a growing area of concern, especially in North America. So this person is overweight, they see themselves as an overweight human being. So they eat probably not the best choice of foods, and exercise isn’t on their daily agenda. But once in awhile they decide they will go on a diet and get skinny! So they jump on board this a new diet that just came out and claims to drop 10 pounds in a week. So they follow the directions of the diet, and guess what? They lose the 10 pounds in a week! Even the next week they lose a couple pounds, same with the week after. But the one thing that didn’t change was their self-image. The self-image and sub-conscious recognize this change and says ” Hey this isn’t suppose to happen, you are overweight, get back on track”. So they eventually stop with the diet, and gain all the weight back. And this happens over and over again. If this person changed their self-image to the person they wanted to be, they would have much more success with losing weight.

Changing your self-image is fairly simple, sometimes not very easy, but it is simple. And the effects that it will have on your life will be drastic and can happen very quickly. Start by writing on a piece a paper. Describe, in detail, of the person who you want to become. Everything from your body shape, job, owning a business, personality traits, relationships, everything that you want to be. Most likely it will take at least one page. When you do this read it afterwords, and say “thank you” to that person. Because that person is about to become you. Now visualize this new you, what do they do?  How do they do things? How much money do they earn? What are their relationships like? Visualize everything that you want this person to be and feel what it is like. Read your description and visualize the new image at least a couple times a day, and don’t forget to say thank you to this new you!

After awhile this new self-image will start to push the old one out of your sub-conscious, and your vibration will change, your actions will start to change, and finally your results will finally change! Enjoy this new you, remember, “You become what you think about most”.

Sending Energy Your Way

Personal recommendation by Adam Bercier & Bob Proctor

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