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EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique…Does It Work?


What Is EFT and How Does It Work?

Why yes, yes it does!

It is also called EFT Tapping, or just “tapping”.

What is EFT

EFT comes from ancient beliefs that energy flows through our whole body. Sometimes there will be energy blockages which will cause our body to become out of balanced. You will consciously see this in the form of illness, aches and pains. But what also happens from these blockages is the fact you may be not allowing things you want into your life. Old beliefs, old negative beliefs I should say will put kinks and blockages in your energy flow which will stop you from attracting certain things. What is EFT suppose to accomplish? Free flowing energy throughout your whole being. Now in the ancient times they used needles to insert into certain spots in the body to release the blockage and allow the energy to flow.

But do not be afraid!

We don’t use needles here, actually we just use our hands, usually 2 fingers. However we still tap in the same spots, depending on what we are releasing, and who is teaching you. If a practice as been going on as long as this, I am definitely thinking it must work, but I had to try it for myself before I started suggesting it. And yes, yes it does. What I found, is that is does allow energy to flow freely throughout your body. Now the biggest change that I have seen is in my emotional state. Which is probably obvious since it is called Emotional Freedom Technique. Depending on the script (the words you are using) different things may happen to you, and you may get different results. But if done correctly you will always have an improved emotional state, and if you know the Law Of Attraction at all, this means you can attract better and better things!

So enough with my chatter, here is great video that I do everyday. I love it! Margaret Lynch is also someone I trust, and is one of my favourite EFT guides.This video is great for raising your vibration, and get you into the thought of expectation. This is very, very powerful. She also explains a little bit about what EFT is.


Brad Yates is another one of my favourites, here is 2 videos from him.

For more information about Brad Yates, and testimonials of his work click here.

What are you waiting for? Use these EFT techniques and start tapping in abundance!


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EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique…Does It Work?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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