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State Of Allowing

I am sure you have heard of the song by Bob Marley- 3 Little Birds (Everything gonna be alright). Well isn’t that the truth! Honestly that song fills me with happiness, because that message in the song is something we ALL need to be reminded of. So check out that song whether you have heard it or not.

Now if you are trying to manifest something in your life and you are getting frustrated by not receiving it, ask yourself why you haven’t received it.  You are not ready for it for some reason. It will come to you at the perfect time. In a lot of cases, it is because you are not on the right frequency yet, you are not vibrating as high as you need to be to receive that desire of yours. Your are not in the state of allowing. Everything in your life is relatively in the same vibration frequency as you, if you want more and better things, you need to raise your vibration. So how do you do that?

Be happy!  Being happy puts you in the state of allowing. And you have to be in the state of allowing to receive the good things that you want in life. If you catch yourself in a foul mood, change it. Change your mood by giving thanks and gratitude for the things you do have in your life, and the things that you are receiving in your life. Giving thanks, is also giving love, when you give these things, you will receive it back.

Surround yourself with things you love, I just bought myself a little laughing Buddha, I have always wanted one, so I bought one. He is sitting on my desk right now, and every time I look at him I smile, he makes me happy, I love him. He helps me get into a state of allowing. You need to do the same, surround yourself with things you love. Whether it is certain objects like flowers, books, or certain people in your life. What ever it is, bring it into your life, it will do wonders for you.

If you are okay with understanding how this will help you, you can then start to work to change your perspective on things in your life. Giving love to things you used to despise with sky rocket your success with being in the state of allowing, but doing this can be more difficult to some. So first I recommend bringing things into your life constantly that you already love, and then start changing your perspective and feelings toward other things, so that you end up giving love to everything! You then can be constantly in a state of allowing and have so, so many great things come into your life.

Sending Energy Your Way


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  1. Katrin

    It IS that we need to slow down’ in our physical BEingness,upon the mteanl & physical planes of our multi dimensional BEingness,in our bodies and our minds,that we may allow for an alignment of ALL of our dimensional selves, that we may allow SELF to vibrate Harmoniously,in melodic synchronicity with the vibration of LOVE.It IS that we need to TRUST that upon our unseen planes of existance, within those dimensions of our reality that we are unawares ..on the quintessential, cellular, energetic level, that ALL IS BEing taken care of .and to let go of our continuous and exponentially expanding need for speed and control on the levels we are awares to our awareness should BE within the Divinity of our Miraculous Gift of Life itSELF and to BE in AWE, astonished by the BEauty that IS Life .whilst our 100 TRILLION CELLS of LOVE’s Light, direct the show’ ;~)When we slow down, we realize that ALL we are chasing IS sooo much closer than we thought, if only we slowed down long enough to take notice of that which IS instead of focusing our attentions on that which is NOT It is an awakening and we are waking up, and we are releasing habitual ways of BEing that have BEen hurtFull to us and replacing them with those that are TRUTHFull & thus WHOLLY Supporting us ;~)

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