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My Self- Reflection



A few days ago I talked about how self-reflection works, and the importance of it. But I never told you how I do it, and what my improvements have been. So let me tell you a little story about myself…

I was wanting to increase my income. And create more traffic towards my websites. That was my goal. Now at the time I had two sites that I didn’t have much interest in the topics, but it was a good niche. So I put money and lots of time into these sites. They did okay for a bit, but soon I had a hard time getting ranks for them, and was getting little to no sales. Inside I felt, not lying to my customers, but lying to myself. I was providing good information, but it wasn’t inline with my truth. I know a lot of marketers sell stuff they have no interest in, but are successful. But I found out the hard way that is not me. I have to fully believe in, and have a huge interest in the items I promote and talk about. So while I watched these sites go downhill, I had a little voice inside tell me that this wasn’t the truth for me, it wasn’t inline with my vision so I should move on. But I told it to shut up and I was doing nothing wrong. With I wasn’t, except it was wrong FOR ME. One month one of my sites got a virus, it got deleted and life went on. A couple months later I checked one of the sites, everything was gone. It got a virus and wiped out a years worth of pages and posts that I spent hours and hours creating. Design work gone. And you know what, I wasn’t that upset. At that point, I knew it was a message. Because there is no way that this could have happened a couple months after the other one, with all the security now a days.

So I did some self-reflection, with the help of my guides, my inner self. I become my Higher Self and I looked at the results I was getting. They were far from what I wanted. My actions weren’t what I wanted, I wasn’t providing the information that I wanted to provide. This is very important, because the feelings I had were bad! I knew this too, I had a negative feeling about what I was doing. Even though I knew other people were doing it, I knew for me, I needed to serve in a nice that I had great interest in, and where I felt I could help the most. But I ignored this feeling. So I held onto a negative feeling which brought actions that I didn’t want. And the thoughts that caused those feelings were ones of  “This isn’t me”. That is were it all started. Once I came to this conclusion, with some help of my guides, I knew what had to be done. I stopped working on those 2 sites and started working on projects that would mean something to me. This site for example, at this moment is my pride and joy. I love talking about life, spirituality, Universal laws, and improving ones self. I love it! And I want to help as many people as possible with this site.

Do you see what I did? I assessed my results, actions, feelings, thoughts, and then I changed my thoughts. Which then caused new feelings, new actions, and new results. Do some self-reflection, make changes, improve, and do it all over again! That is all it is. Sometimes we just need a push, or in my case, a “apparent” crappy thing to happen. But again, we attract everything to ourselves. I needed that to happen so I could move on. And you can move on to. Again, the choice is yours. :)

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