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Discovering Your Inner Being- The Pure Joy That Can Only Be Found Inside


Discover Your Inner Being


Hello there,

It is just I, me, Adam, or whatever else that I am known by. ;) I wanted to make a personal post today. I feel sometimes we are all out there searching for the answer to our lives, and some people take advantage of that unfortunately, by promising things they cannot give. We are always wanting more and more. Which is a good thing. But the only problem with this, is the fact we get attached to our “things”. I want to tell you how to discover your inner being, where true happiness lies.

We somehow got to the point that we are being controlled by our ego-mind. Most of us don’t really know who we are anymore. Which is why we are trying to find ourselves through “things”. Whether it is becoming rich, successful, owning nice cars or big houses, playing the victim, excuses, the list goes on and on. We are searching for ourselves in material forms, and we will never find ourselves in that way. Because we are formless, we are part of the formless substance that is omnipresent. That is in everything..that is everything.

discover your inner being

What I mean, is that instead of searching “out there”, we need to search “in here”. In ourselves. It is when we can just be, that we stop searching “out there”, and find our true selves “in here”. Once we sit with our inner being, we become relaxed, still, we become present. You might have heard me say before about the importance of living in the now, well this is one step further.

Using rain to be present "now"

Imagine this for a moment. You are sitting in your favourite chair in your living room. You are staring out the window, and suddenly it starts to rain. You close your eyes, and just listen. It seems like you can hear every single rain drop hit the ground. You become very relaxed, and very still. The stillness creeps into your body. It feels like your have gone within your physical body. You become so aware of what is all around you, the smells, the sounds. Most importantly you hear the sound of silence. When you become aware of this silence, it sends this soothing energy throughout your being. You become present. You become satisfied with just being.

You just discovered your inner being.


To discover your inner being, and be satisfied with just being means that you are no longer attached to material things that you felt were the only way for you to feel ease and joy. You of course still strive for your goals whether they are material or not. But you no longer are searching for your self in them. You no longer are allowing material things to define you. You know who you are, and you are at peace. No matter what happens, you are in control of you, no more blow outs, no more depression. You no longer get attached to things and have the fear of loss, of losing the things you feel you cannot live without. You have found true love and joy. You have found the peace that resides in you. You discovered your inner being.


Sending Energy Your Way,


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Discovering Your Inner Being- The Pure Joy That Can Only Be Found Inside, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

  1. LInda

    Excellent post Adam, It is true that by sitting still (meditating) and just noticing body sensations, hearing etc…brings a wonderful sense of peace and fulfilment.

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