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The Not-So-Hidden Power Of Now


Power Of Now

I have talked before about the power of now, and living in the now, and how important it is. I am in the middle of reading “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. What a great, and inspiring book. You know, I knew there was something about now that was so important, which is why I talk a lot about it, but I knew there was a deeper aspect of living in the now that I wanted to get into, I just didn’t have the knowledge.

Eckhart Tolle has helped me reach a higher awareness of “now”. It can solve all problems, as there are no problems while being present in the now. Being in the now, means being fully present. Being in total awareness of self. You become an observer of your body, emotions and surroundings. You separate yourself from your mind.


the power of now meditation

Try sitting in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Now all I want you to do at this point is observe yourself. Your mind should be quiet and relaxed, if a thought comes, do not resist it, just allow it to pass. I want your FULL attention to be on yourself. Feel and listen to your body. Observe your breathing, observe the energy that is surrounding and flowing through you. It is by practicing this, that you will create a habit of being fully present and living in the now. And of course, access the power of now.


Our mind likes to wander, whether by thinking about the past, or trying to create the future. And when you are doing either of these, you are not fully present. You can be at work, doing whatever it is that you do, but your mind can be elsewhere. The only problem with this, is the fact that when you are not fully present you are busying creating problems for yourself, you are not fully happy or at peace, usually. Yes it is good to be excited for the future, and think of what you want, but we need to spend the majority of our time living in the now. When you are working, (hopefully doing something that you enjoy) be fully present in each action that you do. If you are on the computer, feel each keystroke, get fully involved with what you are doing. You will bring joy to yourself by this. Have no worry of the end result. If you are fully present with each action, each action will be a success, therefore your result must be a success. Only focus on the action.

When I talk about inspired action on other posts, I am talking about this as well. Inspired action is an urge to act from within. It comes from the now. The power of now can have huge changes in the actions that you take, and the way you perform certain actions. It may be even you not taking any action at all! You will see big changes in your results.

Let me put it this way. If you could feel happy, joyful, stress free, free of problems and worries, successful, worthy, confident etc without ever earning a million dollars, without having to buy a new car or any material thing, or having to have an amazing job. If you could feel all those things yet “do nothing”, would you want that?

The power of now allows you to be happy with what just is. Instead of depending on other things to make you happy, you are just happy as is. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to achieve status, or have material things, it just means you don’t “need” them. And if you have been listening to me for any length of time, you know that I feel being needy of things, will slow down your manifestations. Being needy resists or blocks the things you want. So if you could erase all feelings of need, can you imagine what you could manifest? This is possible just by living in each moment. There is no past, there is no future, all we have is now, from moment to moment. Access the power of now!

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