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You Have To EXPECT To Receive


Power Of The Law Of Attraction


The power of the Law Of Attraction is truly remarkable. But I want to make it clear that this power can make you, or break you, the choice is yours. The Law Of Attraction is neither good or bad, it is what you make it. For example, some people blame the Law Of Attraction for all the hardships they face, that the Law only brings bad people and situations to them, the Law Of Attraction is a bad thing. On the other hand you could have someone saying that the Law always brings the right people, the right opportunities into their life at the right time, they love life, the Law Of Attraction is good. You see, it is how you harness the power of the Law Of Attraction and use it to your benefit that determines the outcome. There is something you must do to really engaged the full power of the Law Of Attraction, you have to expect.

Expectation is something that can be over looked, but it is so, so important to be able to receive the good that is flowing to you. As I and others have said before, “Without expectation, your desires and wants are merely wishes.” To expect is to receive. Everyone dreams, and most people wish for good things. But there are few that expect the good that they desire, and that is quite evident when you take a look around. So by now I assume you understand that expectation is key, but you are probably wondering how to expect, and do it in the certain way.

If you are “hoping” you are not expecting, when you think of your desire and there is a “needy” feeling coming from yourself, you are not expecting. To expect means that you have full faith in the laws, you may not know how or when your desire will manifest, but you know it will at the perfect time for you. Expectation of the fulfillment of your desires means that you “act as if” you already have your desires. When you do this the power of attraction becomes very strong. And your desire will surely come to you. There is no worry, doubt or fear when you expect your desire to come to you, you have given it to the Universe to fulfill your request.  There is a knowing about your desire, you just “know” it will come, that is expectation.

Why is expectation so important when it comes to fully using the power of the Law Of Attraction? There are 2 main points of why this is so important. The first is because when you expect, and act as if, your vibration rises. When you raise your vibration you increasingly allow more good things into your life. You get deep into the state of allowing, you allow the flow of abundance to go right through you. The second thing is your sub-conscious mind. You sub-conscious mind cannot determine what is real, and what is not. Everything that comes into the sub-conscious mind starts to create beliefs, habits, and will manifest into your reality. So by expecting and acting as if, the ideas and thoughts that are going into your sub-conscious are ones of abundance, of prosperity, of health, they are your desires. And your sub-conscious will start to impress these thoughts and ideas into the Universe, which causes the manifestation of your desires. That is the power of the Law of Attraction

Expect and receive!

Sending Energy Your Way!


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