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Using Positive Emotions To Give Thoughts Super Strength


Making Thoughts Powerful By Positive Emotions


Did you know that emotions strengthen thoughts, negatively or positively? Any thought you have, if there is a strong emotion behind it, it makes the thought itself much more powerful. What this does is make that thought more real to the sub-conscious mind. This is another reason why we need to be so careful, and aware of what we are thinking about.

If you think that no one loves you, and you are trying to attract that perfect someone, things might not work out as you planned. Because with your thoughts of no one loving you, I bet you there is a strong emotion behind it. Actually I know there is a strong emotion behind it, because love is one of the three most powerful emotions. So what you are actually doing is making your thought of “no one loving you” extremely powerful. And will be a dominating thought in your mind, and move into the sub-conscious. Making it hard for you to attract that perfect someone.

But have no fear because this works the complete opposite way as well! If you are still trying to attract that perfect someone, and you love your self unconditionally, and you know you are surrounded by love, and people do love you, there is a strong emotion behind that. Love again is a very powerful emotion is will really boost up the thoughts of you being loved so much, therefore making the attraction much, much stronger towards that someone that will be coming into your life.

This doesn’t stop with love and relationships mind you. This goes for everything, whether it be money, car, house, job, traveling, weather, fears etc. What ever your thoughts may be, positive or negative, when there is a emotional connection to it, it will become more powerful.

Now you can use this to your advantage. You can really start attracting and manifesting your desires into your life using this technique. Because as soon as you become aware of your thoughts, you can start to control them. If you are trying to attract money into your life, you will remove all negative thoughts by replacing, and only concentrating on the positive thoughts. By saying you are a money magnet, and you have so much wealth coming your way. Showing gratitude. And when you have these thoughts, and visualize yourself with you desires, add emotion to the mix. Fill yourself with love and joy. Add those emotion ties, those connections to your thoughts. It will then make your thoughts much stronger and make the attraction much more powerful to money, and will manifest money faster. Had all of that with faith, and your unstoppable!


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