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What If I Told You Nothing Was Everything? Be Prepared To Think!


What Does “Nothing” Mean?

No-Thing, Or Everything?


After thinking, imagining and reading about the question at hand, “what does nothing mean?”, I have come to understand that “nothing”, is necessary for everything to become something. I never really thought about this concept before, but while reading a book; Power Of Now, it finally clicked. How can you have something with nothing? The Law of Opposites comes into to play here. They are different sides of exactly the same thing.


Allow me to give you a couple of examples, silence and outer space. What is outer space? Depending who you ask you may get different answers. Some say outer space in nothing, it’s just empty “space”. There is nothing in space, so it is “no-thing”. Okay I can see that. Some say outer space has gas and dust, or well atoms of some sort. So space is more than just nothing to those folks. Okay I understand that too. I am not a scientist, so I am not to sure about what “outer space” is exactly. However, there is something I do know. Without space, nothing else can exist. Our solar system, stars, us, and whatever else is out there,  we all need space to live.

What does nothing mean

Now for the next example, silence. Can there be sound without silence. What the heck is silence really? Is it just space between sound? Is silence “no-thing: as well? Are we just hearing the absence of silence, or can we actually hear silence? So many questions, and all with answers, even if we do not know the answers consciously yet. Again, all I know, I believe we need silence, to have sound, there needs to be a “space” for sound. Whether silence is “no-thing” or not. So again the question remains, what does “nothing” mean?


Actually here is another area of we can take this questionable subject, the living room! Let’s start off with it being empty though. Lots of space in there! Enough space to add a couch or two, chair, coffee table, lamp, maybe a T.V and surround sound, perhaps like maybe a 60 inch 3d LCD, and whatever else you might want. You see we can put stuff in space. And if we run out of space, we got no place to put our stuff. So if space is “nothing”, how can  we run out of it?  If “space” whether outer space, silence is nothing/no-thing, how can something there, be something? And here is my answer to the question, “what does nothing mean?”

Nothing is the same thing as something, just different sides.

And we even have space within our bodies, atoms vibrate, which means the must have the space to vibrate. Remember our whole being vibrates, which is how we attract things (I sure hope you know that from my other posts by now :) ). I have read that we are over 99% empty space. Again I am not a scientist, so I have nothing to back that up, I have never measured an atom to be completely honest with you. But it leaves us wondering, if we are 99% empty space, and space is nothing.  Are we nothing? Or are we something? I like to say we are both, just different sides of the same thing. I hope this makes sense to you, and gives you something to think about for the rest of your amazing life!

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What If I Told You Nothing Was Everything? Be Prepared To Think!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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