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Manifesting Your Desires


Manifesting Desires

When it comes to manifesting desires, many people want a step by step plan. And I there are some plans out there that are very efficient on projecting the process of manifestation. But nothing can truly grasp the full concept of manifesting your desires. Because it involves so much of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. No one can write a full plan made specifically for YOU on how to manifest. It would make it a lot easier mind you, but I have yet to meet anyone with such ability. Let’s start off with “what is manifesting?”

Manifesting desires, to me means attracting something, someone into your life, or creating an opportunity  for yourself. It means impressing your thought onto the formless substance/energy and having it show up physically in your life. How do we do this?

It all starts with our desire. Our desire is the driving force of the whole process. It is what keeps us going. A true desire will allow you to work at manifesting something for a year without having any physical proof show up, but still believe and have faith that it will. And yes I am talking from personal experience. That my friends, is a true desire. Once you have a desire you need to press this desire into the energy, into the formless substance from which all is created. To do this, you must think about you desire, you must feel your desire. Create a vision of your desire, of you using you desire. What does it feel like? Hold onto this thought and feelings, and think about it multiple times of day. It will be then, impressed into the formless substance.

What happens next? How does it get from the formless substance into your physical life? By attraction.  And how do you attract things? By having a high vibration and moving towards your desire. Therefore it brings your desire to you. Having a high vibration means being happy, being thankful for what you have, and what you are receiving. I recommend having an affirmation about your desire that starts out with ” I am so happy and grateful now that….”  This way you are giving thanks to what is coming. And make sure you feel the gratitude that you give through every inch of your body. An important part of attraction is really being happy in the now. I can’t stress this enough. Because it sometimes can be the hardest part, and be the thing that stops us from receiving.  But being happy in the now is so, so important, not just for attracting, but for living. So please, if you take anything away from this article, take away this. Be happy in the now, do what makes you feel happy and joyful, and glad that you are alive today. Do something good and in your truth.

Ok so now that you are attracting your desire by having a high vibration, being in the now, holding a clear and detailed vision and feeling of what you want. You also want to act like you have it already. Your affirmation that I mentioned earlier will help with this step. It is important you can like you have already received it because it makes your sub-conscious think you have received it, and are using your desire. Therefore making the manifestation quicker.

By holding the faith that you are receiving your desires, and that the Laws are working with you. By expecting your desires to come into your life, you can manifest your desires, every single time as long as they are for the good of you and others.

I hope this helps. Manifesting desires is simple, yet complex at the same time. There are many aspects to learn about to help with manifesting such as our spiritual selves, our conscious and sub-conscious mind, the Universal Laws etc. Enjoy manifesting your desires!

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