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Manifesting Your Desires Quickly


Manifesting Your Desires

Our desires are essentially a true reflection of who we are, so much so that they are often responsible for shaping who we become. There are powerful laws like those of attraction, which operate in the Universe at all times, irrespective of your awareness of them and are strongly influenced by your desires. Eventually ‘like attracts like’ as per the law of attraction and the thoughts that take up most of your attention and focus , whether wanted or unwanted will eventually find a way to manifest itself in your life. This is primarily because your energy was focused onto the particular thought.

Being aware of the fact that you can actually manifest your desires and turn them into reality in the physical world around you, is the first step towards actually controlling what is happening around you. It is important here, to remember that whatever is happening today is a manifestation of your thoughts of yesterday. The saying that once you have taken a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen, evolves from this very ideology.

Be in touch with your feelings. Be sure of what you want and make sure you concentrate all your energy on that. However you need to be completely responsible for all your thoughts, because if any part of your mind strays to a negative strain of thought that will remain. Same is true with conflicting emotions. If there is a speck of doubt in what you want, chances are that your thoughts will ponder upon the doubts eventually making them come true. This is because you constantly recreate similar problems in various situations by the simple act of noticing them. This is why a lot of us develop certain patterns in relationships, career choices, decision making patterns etc. Completely swerve your mind away from anything that you do not want. At the same time you have to believe that you deserve the same too. For instance if you channel your thoughts towards the fact that you want more money, but in your heart you do not believe that you deserve so, then it will accordingly manifest itself in the physical world.

In order to manifest what you want first you have to imagine what it would be like if you already had what you wanted. A lot of us have a blockage against this, because we want to steer clear of the disappointment it may bring. However, imagination is an essential part of the manifestation process, since it through imagination that your desire will attain a structure. At this stage it is also important to allow yourself to feel what it would be like to have what you desire. Imagine how it would feel to already have your desires fulfilled and allow a mental picture to form in your mind. Concentrate on how you feel at those mental images. Practice this regularly for 5-10 minutes a day. At the same time, it is important that you are also grateful for what you have; Once you imagine and feel how it would be like to already have what you want, and you can do away with the mental limitations, the Universe will surely conspire to bring you what you want.

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