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The LOA loves to give us our desires. We all have desires. Desires for comfort,relationships,life. Our desires just keep on multiplying with each day,they never diminish.But do we really attract what we want? Sometimes we just get opposite to what we had really wanted.Why does it happen? It happens just because we are not aware of the laws of attraction. According to the law of attraction, we get whatever we think about the most i.e we pave our way for all the things we think about  most of the time.It all depends upon the fact that ‘like attracts like”.

Positive and negative thinking gives us positive and negative results physically.These laws of attraction states that what we think about the most, we may not consciously be making any way for it but our actions subconsciously stay focused on those things and we our mind build habits according to which we keep on paving our paths to manifest that dream.We need not see focus the means,we should just focus on the end results. It is all the psychology of our subconscious mind that plays the game all the time.We define ourselves consciously but what definition people perceive about us is all what we define ourselves subconsciously via our desires,our habits,likes,dislikes etc.

Subconscious mind is a storage house of all our thoughts that we have or had since our childhood about various issues whether it be relationships, career,life or anything else.Our present defines our thought we had in our past or having presently.We fail to recognize ourselves as the controller.We fail to see that we could control our mind the way we want and could realize our dreams ourselves.It is just because we all lack sufficient knowledge about these laws of attraction.So we need to observe each and every thought we have and replace all the negative thoughts with good peaceful and happy thoughts.Rather than behaving pessimistically we should behave optimistically to every event in our life as it might in some way pave a way to realize your dream.

The LOA also states that instead of focusing on how will you get it or is it possible or not we should always in our thoughts focus or see ourselves as if we have already realized our dream.Instead of thinking that i want to be rich,just behave as if you are already very rich.Instead of thinking that you want it just behave as if you have it and just see how you subconscious mind plays the right game for you.Money and success could be gained by just having the right thoughts about them.If you see money as a culprit then you would never achieve wealth  as you never had right thoughts towards it so you always abstained from it.Your actions are controlled by your words which in turn are controlled by your thoughts.So at last we should always keep one thing in our mind which is that the way we act or think,the same way nature reacts.

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