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Live A Full Life By Developing Body, Mind and Soul


Unless you develop these 3 function of your being, you can only live a partial life. You must spend time developing and using all 3 of these functions to really and truly live a full life. These 3 functions that you should consider are your mental, physical and spiritual faculties.Balance body, mind and spirit for fulfilling life

Nature’s law is the increase of life. Take a look at the world around you. A tree starts as just a seed. It seeks more life, it gathers the minerals and nutrients that it needs and grows. It increases it’s own life, and life around it (gives some animals a home, filters the air etc). This is happening everywhere in nature, it is all providing increase. So for you to provide increase to yourself and others, you must perform using every function.

To have a full life, you must be able to live fully in all those areas. To merely live for physical pleasures will only allow you to experience a partial life. Likewise if you only live for mental or spiritual stimulation, you will only be allowing yourself to live a partial fulfilling life. You will have excess of that function, because you haven’t used, or are not living life for any other function. I will try using a physical example that hopefully you can visualize, and then see the importance of the concept that I am writing about. Let’s stay you are standing by the waterfall of life. The water coming down IS life. You want to gather as much water/life as you can. Who wouldn’t want more life? You have 3 buckets with you. These 3 buckets can also be called your mental, physical, and spiritual functions. So you start filling up your first bucket, one of the your functions. You fill it right up to the top, and keep filling it. You now are now trying to live with only 1 buckets, 1 function. As you can see, living in excess of 1 function is not allowing you to live more life, it just runs down the side of the bucket and into the earth. Where it will be used in nature. However, if you remember you still have 2 other buckets, and functions. So why not fill up the other 2 buckets with water. By doing this you will have as much water as you possibly can. By living through these 3 functions you are living life as much as you can. You are living a full, not partial, a full life.

This is why expressing, and developing your mind, body and soul is very important, not one is more important than the other. All 3 are needed, and must be used.

Increasing life is something we all strive for, we want more life! One of the best explanations of this concept was from Wallace D Wattles.

Sending Energy Your Way,


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