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You Now Hold The Key To Your Success




(Use your own word for God,Source,Creator,Universe,Higher Spirit, Source Energy etc)

The universe refers to the area that surrounds where we live. This may include the physical environment and the circumstances that determine the way we behave towards one another. Our thoughts, goals and dreams can only be realized if we drastically change our mind sets to think positively about every thing that involves our lives.

The laws of the universe

A person has the power to create 100 percent his reality. One should never wait for his/ her friend to create this reality in his body but only he or she can do that.  The moment you give up your responsible role and think that someone is secretly doing something for you, you have already become a victim. One should regard other’s responses to be a true reflection of your inner energy.

People should know that it is not another person, a thing or a place that determines their actions or success. If you think or decide that you are a bad person and solely responsible for other people’s emotions, that you are to blame for making them feel bad, then you will lead a life of self hatred. You can easily brand yourself as an evil person without knowing. You should learn to love yourself irrespective of how people may think about yourself or the circumstances surrounding you.

You should look at every person near you as an asset to your well being not as reliability, use every place in your surrounding to build your inner man, or things as a mirror where you benchmark yourself. Everything near you has the capacity of turning to be your gift. It’s only after realization that you are responsible for what you feel and what you believe that you will begin to live a healthy life. Every belief of reality can only come from within, there is no shame, self hatred or blame can come from a decision made from your heart in good faith.

One should realize that at any specific moment, he/she is either asking for love from someone or giving it to someone. Sometimes you might find yourself doing things that are hurting someone or hurting yourself. Then, you ask a question. Why I am I doing that to so, do I still not love this person or what part of my body do I hate to enable me judge it. Look closely to the other people and ask yourself whether you really need to judge them. This self examination helps one to create a reality in him/her that is called self reflection.

Human beings were not created by God to live without him but were created to live in harmony with their creator. You should know that everything you see, touch hear, smell and taste is God. Because all what is in existence is God and you and I must be in God. If one identifies with God, there is power and that all every human being needs everything will begin to work out perfectly well. People should know that they are responsible for their own actions and should create a good environment of love to coexist with the others

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