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The Law Of Receiving- The Feeling I Felt Was Unbelievable


The Law Of Receiving

The gift is in giving. That is no secret. But when you can give the thing you want most, that feeling is absolutely unbelievable. By doing this, you also receive what you want in bigger quantities. Basically you will receive what you give. Now there are small exeptions to that comment, but it is that idea that is so powerful. To receive more, you must give more. Whether it be better service (you business), money, time, or love.

In saying this, you cannot give only to receive. I have a friend who gives a lot. Not money, but gives a lot of his time, he does a lot of things for people. There is 2 big problems the way he does it though. And is partly why is he so broke and in debt. Every single thing he does for someone. He EXPECTS something in return from them. It could be years down the road, and he will go up to a friend or family member and say, “Hey, I need this done by tomorrow can you do that for me?” His friend will replay with something saying they are busy, and guess what he says. “ But remember that time I did this, this and this for you? You owe me”. Let me make this quite clear, when you give something, whether it is time, or money, you are giving it to them. You do not expect them to give you anything in return, they owe you nothing. If you believe they owe you, you will slow down with receiving what you want. You can however expect the Law Of Receiving to bring you your wants if you do give. It is a law, so it has to. Now this friend of mine has the mentality, and he has tried multiple things to get out of debt, but he can never manage it. And it is all in the way he does things. Especially with money. He will do a lot of things to get money, and has a hard time giving it up. Do not follow his example.

On a happier note, when you give towards your vision, your goal, the results happen faster and more frequently. Because you are doing something that really means something to you. That is very important. Another important part of the Law Of Receiving is to give gratitude. Be extremely thankful for everything you have, and that you are currently receiving. Giving thanks makes everyone feel better. The person you is giving to you, and yourself. And the Law rewards you for this. As well as the person who is giving to you. Gratitude is huge.

There was a time where I hung onto my money with a fairly firm grasp. Even though I knew there was an abundance of it. I wanted it, and I had a hard time of letting go. I wasn’t cheap by any means, and I tipped very, very well. But for about 5 months I was giving to a charity, only 15 dollars a month, and I decided to stop that payment because I needed that money more than the people I was giving to. When I look back at this I realized when I started that payment is when my business started to pick up slightly, and when I stopped my business slowed. Now it may not be that big of a difference for everybody. But I was being taught a very big lesson. So as soon as I saw this, I put out my monthly payment again, and currently am looking into other organizations to give to, that I believe in. I recently had an experience of giving and felt an amazing rush of gratitude. I used to work in a welfare office as a security guard. So I know all of the homeless in my town. And I never gave them anything because I knew how much they got, and what they spent it on. So I said I wasn’t going to support that. So I would just walk past, not giving anything. Well this one day I was walking into a bank and a homeless man, with a sign that said homeless and hungry said “ Have a nice day sir” and I replied “ You too”. I am not mean by any means and am always polite to people like that. They are people and should not be ignored. But in my mind as I walked into the bank I said I know what you would do with money I gave you, so I am not giving you a cent. On my way out I had a thought enter my brain, it was a lesson that I learned from Bob Proctor in his programs The Science Of Getting Rich and The 11 Forgotten Laws, about judgement. And I realized I shouldn’t judge him, I don’t know his reasons for being who he is, or what he does. And next thing I knew I reached in to my wallet and took out the only bill I had which was only 10 dollars, but I gave it to the man. And he was surprised, but thrilled and thanked me very much. And I can’t even explain the rush of gratitude I received. I got shivers all down my back, I felt full of energy, and love. It was awesome! I loved it, I felt so good. I realized then, that this is all what it is about. I will never forget that moment.

That is the Law Of Receiving!

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