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Law Of Attraction For Relationships

This is a very big topic, and a widely sought out topic for answers. Love is something everyone has experience with, and something that we ALL desire. We can all relate to it. So it is no wonder that many people are attempting to use the Law of Attraction for relationships, to attract their true love. As this can be tricky, because the emotions are so powerful, it actually is basically the same when using the Law of Attraction for anything else. The same principles apply. This is because LOA, is a law, it stays the same, there are no different rules for different areas of life, it is all the same, with the same principles, the same law.

So let’s recap, what is the Law of Attraction, how does it work, and how can you apply it to your life? LOA is a universal law, and it states like causes like effects. In short, like attracts like. Whatever you put your focus on, is what you are attracting into your life, whether you want it or not.

law of attraction for relationships

So how can you use the Law of Attraction for relationships, and attract your true love, your soul mate?

Detach from any feelings of need. If you feel you need someone to be happy, you will be waiting a long time. You must be happy already to receive what you want. Be grateful for the loves already in your life whether it is family, friends or your children.

I also suggest as you are being happy, with just being, expect them to show up. Act as if they are already in your life. Sleep on one side of the bed, put another place mat our for dinner, say good morning and good night to your life partner. This is making your sub-conscious mind that they are there already in the physical, which will improve the attraction force.

Do not go out and look for them, do not go on certain trips (to the clubs etc) expecting to find your true love. If you have a gut feeling that you need to attend some event or go somewhere, then act on it. Act on inspired actions and feelings. But do not go out “looking” for him or her. So many times the soul mate will show up in unexpected places, or when you are doing things and are places where you are being true to yourself. This is key for using the Law of Attraction for relationships.

I find that so important when attracting your soul mate. You must be true to yourself. No matter what, be true to yourself. And this again, goes with anything that you are trying to manifest into your life. But especially true with love and relationships.

If that is all you do, you will allow them to come into your life. Just by being grateful for the love you already have, and being true to yourself. Also know that they will show up at the perfect time in your life. There will be no better time, than when they do become a part of your physical experience. The Universe works in perfection remember.

Using Law of Attraction for relationships is simple, but not  easy for some because of our natural and strong need for love. So remember that when the time is right, when you are ready, they will come. This should remove any doubt or fear from your mind. Have faith and expectancy. Enjoy the unfolding of your life, and every moment that you are living. By being aware of this, and by living moment to moment being grateful for all that comes into your life, they may show up sooner than you thought possible.

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Sending Energy & Love Your Way


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