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Holding The Feeling Of Abundance (This is a money-maker)


The Law of Attraction and Money


I suppose you want to know to apply the Law of Attraction and money right? Well listen up. I call this “holding the feeling of abundance”. This is a mix of expectation and acting as if. And yes it works very well. But you have to have full belief in this. That is important. Belief is so powerful. You can accomplish so much when you fully believe in something. So believe in this, and watch the magic happen.

The first thing I want you to do is create a vision of you receiving the amount of money you would like. As you are creating this picture in your mind, really feel it. You are this person receiving this money, so what does it feel like? Are you laughing, smiling, crying, jumping up and down, does it give you shivers up and down your spine? YOU JUST RECEIVED $$$$$$ HOW HAPPY ARE YOU?? I am serious about this. I want you feel this down to your core. This is where acting as if comes in. Once you have your mental picture, in as much detail as possible, act as if.

Acting as if means act as if you have received it. You can decide what you want to do with the money, you tell yourself that you are now rich. Remember when you were younger and you would pretend to be a king, or a frog or whatever it was, you would totally act as if you were that person or thing. The same principle applies here. You might think this is silly, so allow me to explain. There are two major reasons why I suggest this exercise. The first reason is all about your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind holds your beliefs, it is the blueprint of your mind. It sends a signal to your body that puts gives you emotions and also controls the vibration that you are sending off to the Universe. So as you can see, the sub-conscious mind is very important.  Especially since we know that whatever vibration we are sending off, we will receive things in that same vibration.  Well here is another thing about the sub-conscious that is important. It doesn’t know what is real or not. If it did, I think we would all be rich, because that is the truth, abundance rules the Universe. So even if you have a big fat zero in your bank account right now, and you tell yourself that you are rich, and act as if you are rich, eventually your sub-conscious mind would start to believe it. It doesn’t have a choice. Just like it didn’t have a choice when you were really young and people would fill it with whatever they believed in. The second reason is if you act as if, you are giving the vibration of abundance. It will be a high vibration, so you will start to receive many great things into your life! This is how to apply the Law of Attraction and money together!

the law of attraction and money

So far we have created an image of what you desire, in this case we are talking about money. We then act as if, so that our sub-conscious mind starts to believe this new reality of yours. We want to think of this vision as much as possible. This doesn’t mean going into detail all the time, but just think of it. Hold the vision so that you smile all the time. Hold this vision with faith and expectancy that it will come. By holding this vision, you are holding the feeling of abundance. And when you can hold the feeling of abundance the majority of the time, you will attract so many good things into your life. And you have to expect to receive money. If you just think about money, without expecting it, you are merely just wishing for money. And guess what? Everyone does that. And when you wish, it sometimes gives off the vibration of lack, instead of abundance. So what does the Law of Attraction bring? Lack. So expect money, and the Law of Attraction and money work together to come to you.

The Law of Attraction and money go hand in hand. Think of abundance, think of yourself being wealthy, and have a clear image of what you want and the Law will do the rest. That doesn’t mean you sit on your butt all day. It just means you can stop worrying about where and when you will get the money. When you hold the feeling of abundance, your actions will start to change. The way you do things will change. Your life will start to change.

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Holding The Feeling Of Abundance (This is a money-maker), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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