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You Now Hold The Key To Your Success

First Step Of Living A Successful Life


Law of Attraction and Gratitude

There are many things you can search for on the internet, and through books and programs to attract good things into your life, but if you don’t complete this first step, all that work won’t have the effect that it should.

This first step is being happy, and being happy in the NOW. Before I begin to explain what this all is, I want to tell you WHY this is the first step. If your vibration is not high, if you are not feeling happy, and thankful for what you already have, you will have a heck of a time manifesting better things in your life. If you are spending all your time worrying about the future, and regretting things in the past, again, you will have a heck of a time manifesting your desires. With that being said, what is living in the now?

Living in the now means being conscious of how you are feeling in the current moment, and making sure you are feeling amazing in the current moment. Living in the now is about doing things in the present that makes you feel good, not waiting to be happy in the future. You are living for now, not living for the future. You can think and plan for the future, and definitely be excited for the future, but bring that excitement back to the present. Feel that excitement now. You can do this by being excited,thankful and happy for what you already have. Being grateful for things you have received, and things that are coming to you is something not to be under estimated. This will bring joy to yourself. Let me get into a little more detail why the law of attraction and gratitude working together means you will receive better things.

There is a Law of Polarity or Opposites. What this means everything has an opposite. There cannot be an inside if there isn’t an outside, if there is an up there must be a down. Well by using this Law, we know the opposite of giving is receiving. We all agree on that? Good. Well within all of this, there is a Law stating every action as an equal and opposite reaction. Do you know what this means? When you give gratitude you must receive equal and the opposite in return, because of the reaction. So you must receive gratitude/love back. Now this may come back in other forms of gratitude that just words but the point is you have to receive good things back to you, it’s the Law!

So the first step is about being thankful, and happy for what you have now. This is why it works so well with the Law of Attraction and gratitude. This creates a positive energy within you, and raises your vibration. And you have to be in a high vibration to receive positive things. So by mastering being happy, and filled with positive energy you will receive good things no matter what. And then you can go on and use other techniques to start deliberating manifesting and creating the life that you dream of!

Sending Energy Your Way


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