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The Judgement Of Money


Judgement Of Money

The reason why a lot of people don’t acquire the riches they desire, is because of attachments to money, and beliefs about money. A lot of the common beliefs are that rich people are bad people, you have to be greedy to become rich, you take from someone else to become rich and when you’re rich you will be judged and looked down upon. And you know what, even if you say “I don’t agree with that”, or “I don’t believe that”, your sub-conscious still might think it is true. Why? Because look at what is portrayed in movies, and throughout all of the media. An example I heard recently, actually it was in the “Money Beyond Belief” program, was in the movie Titanic. Do you remember that there was an upper class and lower class? The upper class seemed to be greedy, stuck up, and unhappy. Then you went down to the lower decks with the poor people and they were having a hell of a time! So happy, but with no money. It’s movies, TV, other media that puts that image into our mind since we are young. So imagine years of “brainwashing” heading straight into your sub-conscious mind. That is partly why the majority of the world lives in lack, and not abundance.

But now you have the opportunity to change all of that! Because it doesn’t have to be this way, you are the creator of your own life, you can change whatever you don’t like about it. Some things may be more difficult for you to change, but it is possible. The only limitation is the limitation that you believe is there.

So let me tell you about a judgement of money that I have been dealing with. I don’t like the feeling of being judged by other people, and I am sure a lot of you can relate to this. So when it comes to earning money, sub-consciously I want it to be hard, so people say “Wow, you deserve that”. Sounds dumb doesn’t it? It really is silly, because consciously I know I want it to be easy to earn, and receive money, and I know it can be. So I need to rewire my sub-conscious mind about that belief that I will be judged for making my life easy. The other major judgement comes when I teach other people how to bring money, opportunities, well plainly their desires into their life. I don’t want them to judge me and the way I made money. But I now realize that I made my life easy for a reason, and my students will respect me, and want to learn how to attract money in the same way I did. It was so silly of me to be so worried of the judgement. Actually here is proof how silly it is, and the amount of times I pushed easy money away. My Fiance’s mother won a lottery draw, it was a few million. I can’t remember the exact amount. Anyways they were excited of course, and we were toldĀ  we would get probably 1 million of it or close to. I said, “I don’t want to earn my money that way, what will people think of me then?” I was so worried of what people would think of me, and there is a huge judgement of people that win the lottery right. So I was upset about it. Well a day later it turns out someone was trying to scam them. The investigator said it was so close to the real thing, whoever did it was good. I just pushed away a lot of money. Now whether or not I was going to actually receive that money doesn’t matter. It was a huge lesson for me. I felt crappy about receiving money. So how many times before have I pushed money away and not realized it?

So just understand this my friends. People have free will. They most likely will always judge for some reason or another. But please do not lose your success, or give up your happiness just because of the fear of judgement. You will attract money is all sorts of ways, just accept it with thanks. You can serve more people, and help more people the more wealthier, and successful that you become. So just accept it and allow people to think what they want. It is what you do with the money that counts. Let this be a lesson learned for us all!

Sending Energy Your Way,



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