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The Importance of Self-Reflection


The Importance of Self-Reflection

The importance of self-reflection is something that needs to be taken seriously if you are wanting to advance, and be successful in your life. Why do I say this? Because I have learned the importance of this through my OWN personal experience. I am also in the marketing business, so I sometimes compare self-reflection to marketing, and this is why…

When you self reflect, you are looking at you from an outer perspective. Like you become your Higher Self and you are looking down at your body. From there you are able to see the results that you have made. If you do not like these results, you go back an see what you did to create those results. That is the same with marketing. If I send out a flyer, I track my results. If I don’t like my results, I look back and see what I did, and what I can improve, and do it again. Usually I get better and better. So with your own self, you need to track your results and keep making adjustments to get the results you want.

I like the way Bob Proctor explained it in “The Science Of Getting Rich“. He said that our thoughts cause feelings and emotions. Our feelings and emotions then cause actions, and those actions produce results. He goes into further detail but I want to stop here for a moment and talk about this.

Since money is a hot topic, let’s start with that. Let’s say you own a business selling shoes. You do okay, but you want to increase your sales, and start being more comfortable financially and stop working long hours. Take a step back, become your Higher Self and now do some self-reflection. Self assess what you are doing, and what are the results you are getting. The results you have, are not what you want. You are working longer than you want to, you’re not selling as much etc. Well that means your actions aren’t in the same vibration of what you want. What actions are you taking? Could it be your not spending any money on advertising? Maybe the way you interact with your customers isn’t the best. Figure out what your doing, and once you can see what your doing that you can improve, take a look of why you take those actions. What feelings or emotions are causing you to take those actions? Maybe you feel tired of the long hours, you feel your customers aren’t buying enough so why should you talk to them. There will be a feeling that is causing those actions, so find it. And what caused those feelings? It is your thoughts. What are you thinking about? Lack of sales, long hours, poor customers, lack of energy in your business. This is the importance of self-reflection, so you can see the areas that need improvement. Now you can see, you need to change your thoughts. Think of abundance.” I want more sales, so I will interact more with my customers, and hey maybe Ill make up an awesome flyer and send it out.” When you send out that flyer, put the intention out there that you want to attract buying customers. This puts you in a good mood, you have way more energy at work, customers enjoy talking to you. Next thing you know your selling shoes like crazy. Your sales double the first month. Congratulations.

Track your results, and make improvements along the way. You will always improve and advance by doing this. And as you can see it starts with your thoughts. To try to make a conscious effort to control what you are thinking, and keep it positive!

Here is a personal story of self-reflection.

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