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Goals, Vision, Purpose- What’s The Point?


Discover Your Purpose


Do you know how to discover your purpose? Whether you know your purpose or not, most of us have goals, and usually visions. Does it matter whether we actually set goals, or figure out our purpose here on Earth? I feel it does. When you know your purpose, the reason why you are here, when you know what you have to offer the world, it fills a place in you that nothing else can.

Your purpose is your “Why”. Why are you here, you have something to offer, to bring to the rest of us, so what is it?

Your vision is your “What”. What is it that you want. What does your life look like, or what would you like it to look like. What is it that you want to do, and to offer the rest of the world?

Your goal is your “How”.  How do you plan to succeed in reaching your visions, and living within your purpose? What are the steps, or what is the process involved? How are you going to live this life?

Basically, your goals should be in line with your core values, your truth, your code. Your goals will help to you reach your visions. Your visions then outline your purpose, or help you fulfill your purpose.

You may be in a struggle trying to find your purpose. The truth is that you discover your purpose. And if it takes you days, months or years it doesn’t matter. We all discover it at different points in our lives. But once you do, you will begin to love life even more. Because as I said it fills a void in you, and then the service that you provide sends your vibration through the roof! Life starts to make sense when you start to live within your purpose.

One of the best things I can tell you to help you discover your purpose is to know what your truths are, and your code. What makes you who you are. So if you don’t what your truths are (which you do, but if you can’t think of anything you are just being stubborn and limiting yourself) then write out a list of 10-20 core values that you hold. From there pick your top 5 values. Now write a statement using those values, into a service, or something that makes you feel amazing. Whether its helping people through coaching, blogging, books, inspiring, whatever it may be. Use your imagination and get creative. But you must remain true to yourself. You may change this statement slightly as you grow into your full purpose and you discover more. This is just to help unfold the true you, and discover your purpose, to get you on the right track.

Goal setting is different. Goals are steps that you get you from where you are, to where you want to be. They will get your from the life you have now, to the life you hold in your vision. So again, being true to yourself, set goals in line with your vision. What will get you from here to there? It could be a new job, more sources of income, taking courses, moving, coaching etc. Try and put a date for each goal, so it makes it more real to you, and then you will more likely to succeed in reaching that goal.

Your visions are what you want to achieve. Whether it is a family, financial freedom, unlimited wealth, big house, nice cars anything that you want, and again within your purpose and truths. This vision you should hold in your mind, and sit in it everyday. And when you are sitting in this vision, feel it. It is more real when you can use your senses, smell, touch, taste, sounds, sight. But feel it deep within you. You should feel a wave of energy come over you when you are visualizing this.

Keep practicing this, and like I have said many times in this post, be true to yourself!

Sending Energy Your Way



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