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The Balance Of Life-Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical


Balance In Your Life

It is important to live balance in your life. A balanced life means a healthy, vibrant, and abundant life.

There is a balance to everything and everyone in life. Whether it is the balance of prey and predators in the animal kingdom, the balance male and females in our population, the balance personal and work life. There is a balance to everything in life.

Did you know that when you are ill, or have aches and pains, that means your body is out of balance? It’s true. That is why we have a built in system, called our immune system that puts the body back into balance. It heals itself.

There are 4 main parts when it comes to having balance in your life:

  1. Physical
  2. Intellectual
  3. Spiritual
  4. Emotional

All 4 are equally important, as you will soon see. If you spend all your time playing sports, working out at the gym, and never take time to exercise and improve in the other 2 categories, you will have an unbalanced self. The are physically fit, healthy and very strong…only physically. I am not saying this particular person wouldn’t be intelligent or have a spiritual side to them, but I know that they could be much more healthy as a whole, and have a fuller life by spending time in the other 2 categories. And with saying this, some people when they work out, it actually is spiritual experience for them. They become really connected with their body, and their true self. They become one with themselves. So they are exercising 2 categories while doing 1 activity.

This will differ will every person. I only suggest that you do some self reflection, and make sure that you are exercising, and using all 4 aspects of your self. Make sure you are physically strong, fit and healthy. Make sure that you are strong and healthy intellectually. And make sure you are strong and healthy spiritually. This creates the balance in your life.

Sometimes you will see a very, very spiritual person that is broke, or maybe is very ill. They are so connected, so strong spiritually, but they have not taken care of their body. Their body is now weak, and broken. Unless they make changes, it will disintegrate. Again, this is why is it so important to have a balance in your life.

It is the balance of all 4 of these that will increase your life, it will allow you to live a fuller life.

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