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Acting In The Certain Way Is The Only Way To Succeed


Acting In The Certain Way

If you have read the book “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles or read and listened to “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Bob Proctor you will have heard about acting in the certain way. So what is this certain way, and why is it so important? When I first listened to the program by Bob, in the beginning I kept saying “Well just tell me what the certain way is”. By the end of it, I knew what they were talking about. And now that I have also read the book and continued to listen to Bob’s program, I understand it even more.

Acting in the certain way, means you have to think in the certain way. This is because your thoughts cause your feelings, and your feelings are expressed through your actions. So how should we be thinking? I am sure you have some sort of an idea, whether it be positive thinking or something along those lines. That is correct, but it is much, much more than that. You see thinking in the certain way means controlling your thoughts. Controlling them so you only allow the positive, constructive ideas and thoughts enter your sub-conscious mind. You want to be grateful for things you have and especially for things you will receive. You want to know your desires, and expect them to come to you, as long as they are helpful to you and everyone else. Thinking only in the “now” is also a critical piece of the puzzle. By using this small guideline to start off with. You can begin thinking in a certain way. You will find you are able to hold these thoughts, and avoid (most of the time) negative thoughts, your vibration will increase.

When your vibration increases that means your usually feeling good. The reason why I say usually is because if you go through a big change, you may feel not so good. This is because energy is shifting around you and your body doesn’t know what it is, it feels different. But it is actually a good thing. But that’s another lesson on it’s own. So your vibration increases, your feeling good. When you feel good it is expressed through actions, and since you have good feelings you will have good actions. Your actions will be productive, and aligned with your desires and wants. You will start to act in the certain way.

Acting in the certain way is important because this is how you will be able to manifest your desires. You will be able to impress your thoughts onto the formless substance/energy, and have it eventually manifested in physical form. Acting in a certain way is using the Law Of Attraction effectively to produce, and receive the results that you want. As you see, it is very important, so take charge of your thoughts.

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