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3 Step Formula For Manifesting


3 Steps For Manifesting


By now I am sure you have heard of the movie “The Secret”, and most likely have watched it at least once. Well there is one thing they touched on, that I want to get a bit more into detail with. The 3 steps for manifesting: Ask, Believe, Receive. I know there are some people that say that those steps don’t work. And you may be right, but it depends how you are applying those 3 steps for manifesting. This is why I want to tear these 3 steps apart, and teach you how to actually use these 3 steps for your benefit.

So let’s start with the first step: Ask.

When I say ask, I do not mean “Hi Universe, I would like a pink pony please, thank you”. Saying it out loud and directly telling the Universe is fine, sure go for it, I sometimes do, usually not for a pink pony mind you. But it requires a bit more effort than that. When you ask, you don’t even have to tell the Universe what you want, it already knows. Your true desires are already sending energy out to the Universe. You wants need to be desires. These desires will get you emotionally involved, every cell in your body will start to vibrate at the same frequency has your desire. When this happens, you start to attract your desire to you. So basically when you Ask you are:

  1. Emotionally and verbally telling the Universe what you want. (the Universe will already know if it is a true desire, but make an effort to do this anyways)
  2. Make sure it is a true desire, and it burns a positive energy within you, you want this desire to light up your world.
  3. Feel good when asking, if you feel guilty or ashamed, don’t. It is okay to ask for things as long it is for the good of you and others. So ask proudly and confidently!

Next one on the list of steps for manifesting is believe. When you truly believe that you will receive what you want, you are in the state of allowing. You have full faith in the Law Of Attraction, and you will allow it to bring it to you. Now this doesn’t mean you sit back and do nothing, you have to move towards your goal as well. But in some cases, you will happen to receive it out of the blue, depending on what it is that you want. Believing is having such a strong faith in the Laws, you don’t have any worry, doubt, stress or any type of negative emotion, especially a negative emotion attached to your desire. We all have our good and bad days, we are human. But I will repeat this because it is very important, you must never have a negative emotion attached to your desire. When you think of your desire it should make you feel so good. It will raise your vibration just thinking about it. And that means you are moving to the same level of vibration as your desire. Try to do some visualizing exercises, create an image of you already in possession of your desire and using it. What does it feel like, what is your environment like, go into complete detail. This is your life you are creating! If you feel that you are being “needy” towards your desire you may need to detach yourself from it. For example if you are wanting more money but when you think of money you feel you need more, or you don’t have enough. When you look in your bank account there never is as much as you want. You most likely aren’t having a positive emotion attached to your desire. This means you need to detach yourself from money. Allow the Universe to do it’s job and bring money to you. This means not worrying about when the money will come, how the money will come, just trust that it will. As soon as you detach from wondering where your money is, why don’t you have enough and just let the Universe do it’s job, you become in harmony with the Laws, the Universe, and so you move into the third step, Receiving.

To Believe you need to:

  1. Have full faith in the Laws, Universe, Yourself
  2. Hand over your desire to the Universe, The Source
  3. Visualize/affirmations (helps to make changes in your sub-conscious mind)
  4. Detach if necessary

Receiving is being in the state of allowing. You are completely positive about your desire, you have no negative attachments, you feel good. Not only do you feel good about your desire coming to you, you feel good about yourself, and life. By being in a state of allowing your vibration is increasing, moving in alignment with your desire so you can receive it. After you Ask, and Believe, you start to expect your desire to manifest. There is no doubt in your mind. Expectation is very important to receive your desire, it gives you a comforting feeling of “knowing”. This does so much for your sub-conscious and vibration level. To Receive you desire you need to:

  1. Expect your desire to come
  2. Be in the state of allowing
  3. Be grateful for your desire coming to you


I hope you find this expanded edition of the 3 Steps For Manifesting informative and that it helps you out!

Contact me with any questions.

Sending Energy Your Way


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  1. Punit

    I am grateful that I oepned up to the Universe.That I finally saw that what is important is to focus on what you have and not on what you have not.I use to walk through life only seeing that I did not have someone in my life to share this road, so all life stopped being truely joyful as I sat an stared at the emptiness of not having found him.A horrible thing happend, a murder, and it took me face to face with the truth, you are as connected to life as you want to be, you can only change yourself and what you look at is what comes to you. So lonely and sad I had become..NOT anymore.. I celebrate the joy of life daily, wherever whenever.A candle looses nothing by lighting another do it spread it, beam it, be it.. be the change you want to see in the world.I am so grateful for the wonderful job I’ve had for 28 yearsthe wondeful people who love me and who’s lives are made better knowing me, and for them telling me all the time how much I mean to them.I touch the world and the world touches me, we are intertwined can’t you see, I affect you and you affect me.Gratitude is where I start and finsh everyday

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